About Us

Established in 1960 in Switzerland and active in over 35 countries worldwide, Terre des hommes Foundation has had a continuous presence in Romania since 1992, contributing at the improvement of child protection system, social assistance reform and strengthening children’s participation in community development.

Terre des hommes’ mission is to provide immediate help to vulnerable or exploited children and to change society for the benefit of future generations.

Each year, Terre des hommes Romania, through its team of child protection specialists, psychologists, sociologists and organizational experts, implements programs and projects for the benefit of thousands of children, focusing on the following priorities:
(1) strengthening the child protection system to prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation;
(2) supporting children in situations of trafficking and migration;
(3) inclusion of Roma communities and other minorities.
The two offices in Bucharest and Craiova currently manage eight major projects, with an annual budget of about 1.5 million.

In 2016-2030, in alignment with its development strategy, Terre des hommes Romania will focus its attention on children affected by migration or in conflict with the law.
Thus, we hope to turn into reality our vision of a world where children can grow in dignity, in an environment that protects them and answers to their development needs.

Fundatia Terre des hommes Elvetia